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We cordially invite the academics from various levels of arts education in Indonesia and other related fields of science, Indonesian art educators, and international enthusiasts to participate in Scientific Web-Meeting the 2nd IC ARTESH 2020 (International Congress in Art, Technology, Science and Humanity) which will by Visual Art Department Study Program, Faculty of Visual Art and Design of Institut Teknologi Bandung. The Artesh 2020 titled, focus on “Challenges of Art in Practice and Education in Virtual Space Discourse (Reflection, Interaction and Projection)”, will be held on November 30 to December 3, 2020. Responds to the very dynamic global art movement as a result of the development of information and communication technology as well as internet cyber space technology that occurs in various lines affecting lifestyle and life of human life. On this occasion we invite art educators, from various levels, artists, designers, curators, researchers, scientists, students and professionals who collaborate in artistic activities to theorize, discuss, and share field experiences in practicing art education, and preparing how to contribute art to the fields of science, technology, and humanity. This can be a meeting space for hybrid identity, useful experimental ideas in the scope of the dimension of art education in the third decade of the 21st century.

We are looking closely and responding to changes, developments, and movements in the art world that dynamically occur in various lines of the last decade. The great movements and currents of the world seem to have a common vision of re-awareness and contemplation of old culture, and this becomes the main theme of the growth of new contemporary art that has led to artistic diversity and innovation in Virtual Space discourse today. This renewal movement, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, has emerged as a new force enriching international art. This creative potential is offered by artists who come from multicultural urban communities.

Keynote Speakers

Hilmar Farid, Ph.D.
Direktur Jenderal Kebudayaan
Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan
Republik Indonesia


Prof. Gunnar Spellmeyer
Master Design & Medien Hochschule Hannover
Dr. Steve Adisasmito-Smith
California State University, Fresno
Dr. Kathryn Coleman
University of Melbourne
Aaron Seeto
Director of Museum MACAN
Dr.rer.nat Sparisoma Viridi
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Dr. Onno W. Purbo
Institut Informatika dan Bisnis Darmajaya